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Modern History




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The Suffering of the Japanese Man

Attributed to Koen, Laura, Lukas & Namur - Dutch

Spring, 2023

This piece masterfully describes the complex times Japan experienced during the 20th century. It depicts a man in discomfort in a style reminiscent of anime. In front of the man there is a somewhat pixelated and skewed timeline, signifying the imperfections of life. The dates underneath the timeline imply that the suffering of the man is related to the period of approximately 1910 to about 1970. Hitherto no other artists have been able to recreate the effect this piece had on the students of Japanstudies. Truly a masterpiece of incalculable value. Kitsune’s art department acquired the piece in the latter days of the spring of 2023. Kitsune is very proud to be able to display such an invaluable piece among its other pieces. Unfortunately due to its fragility it is not part of our standard exhibition, hence why it is only displayed during some of our events. We, as Kitsune, implore you to come to one of our events, where we display this piece, in light of the fact that this piece provokes philosophical thought concerning Japanese Modern History and improves average Modern History grades.

Ravi Bloos | Art critic (passed one Japanese art history course)


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